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For Landscapers & Developers

For your convenience, we are centrally located and open Monday to Friday from 7:30am to 4pm. Over the lunch hour, from Noon to 1pm, our ability to provide assistance with loading plants is limited. To keep everything alive and thriving, we water the nursery daily from 3pm to 4pm so you will probably get wet if you visit the nursery during these hours. We provide excellent customer service and are knowledgeable about our products, climate, and soil.

Plant Pick-Up

Feel free to come pick out your plants and our team will load them and help you tarp. The most efficient way to place an order for pick-up is to email, text or call us. We will have your order pulled within 24 hours, most likely sooner. We carry a variety of native plants and trees. Please note, if you do not pick up your plant order, we will charge a $50 restocking fee.

Plant Delivery

For orders over $1,500, we provide plant delivery upon request. Our driver can assist with unloading your order, but you are responsible for providing equipment and a crew to receive the plants. Please contact us for delivery pricing. We’re also happy to provide guidance and expertise so you can be sure to choose plants that will thrive year around in the Texas climate.

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Mosty Brothers at Your Service

We are open Monday to Friday 7:30am to 4pm.

If your customers want to visit the nursery and select plants, they will need to come with their landscaper. We welcome your customers as long as you can be at the nursery with them to answer any design and pricing questions. Our wholesale pricing does not include landscaping consultation. We realize everyone is busy, but please don’t send customers out unattended. We like to leave the designing up to the professionals.
We do not provide any installation. We leave that up to our landscape professionals that are very knowledgeable about the installation process.
Yes, we can deliver with a minimum order of $1,500. You are responsible for providing sufficient labor and equipment for unloading. Please call us to inquire about pricing for delivery.
We do not provide landscape design services. Your landscaper will be able to provide all of the needed guidance to design your beds, soil type, and irrigation requirements.
This always depends on the size of the tree planted. It can also vary greatly depending on your soil profile and weather. We always recommend an irrigation specialist and/or your landscaper to guide you through this process.

We constantly get asked this question and we understand your frustration. We also live in the Hill Country and struggle with the fact that deer will sometimes eat anything. We often suggest asking your landscaper what they recommend and looking at your neighbors’ yards to see what the deer might like and don’t like in your neighborhood. This will vary greatly in different areas of the Hill Country.

We always recommend protecting the trunks of your trees until they reach a maturity level of about 5” caliper. If they can reach any part of the canopy, they will probably eat it.
Yes, we can often order plants for your projects if they meet a minimum of approximately 10 trees and/or 50 shrubs. This will vary depending on availability of product and freight.
We do not provide a warranty for our plants as we have no control as to what happens with the plants and irrigation once they leave our property. We do stand behind our products in that they are 100% healthy and alive when they leave the nursery.
We accept checks, cash and credit cards.
B&B trees are ones that are field dug and will have a large root ball wrapped in burlap and wire. We can only dig trees like this in the wintertime when they are dormant.
You simply place the tree wrapped in burlap in the ground. Do not remove the burlap or the wire, as this could cause the root ball to break apart. You DO need to remove any tie tape or rope from the top of the basket so as not to cause girdling of the trunk.
We can hold your plants and trees for two weeks. We are happy to work with you on that timeline as we understand unforeseen circumstances like weather delays and waiting for other contractors. Please keep in contact with us so that we understand the timing of your project.
Unfortunately, we are not able to accept returns of any products. We do not have any control on the maintenance (especially watering) of the plants as well as the transportation damage that might have been caused. Taking plant material to a job site without first consulting with the end customer is not recommended.

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Our wide selection of native and adapted plants changes on a daily basis, so contact us for pricing and availability.